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Supporting Businesses
Through the Power of People

What Do We Solve?

Over the years, we have noticed a steady decline in marketing budgets. Not because businesses underestimate the value of marketing, but because implementing scalable marketing strategies requires increasing resources and staff — something most companies are limited on. The Collective exists to solve those issues by filling the gaps in your internal departments with a custom-built team of industry experts.

The Collective Difference

At our core, we are marketers and business developers. We take a holistic approach to understanding your organization and its business goals to define and implement a strategic marketing plan. We then utilize our broad network of industry experts to build and manage a creative team that can meet your business objectives.

A Woman-Led Business

The Collective is a San Diego marketing company proudly founded, owned, and led by women. We believe inclusivity and equal opportunity are essential in enriching the industry and helping businesses flourish.

Ilo Neukam The Collective
Sarah Bender The Collective
Ryane Mcmanus

A Two-step Approach to
Strategic Implementation

Planning for Success

If we look at your business’s project as the construction of a building, phase one of our approach is dedicated to creating the blueprint for the build. In this discovery and audit phase, we take a deep dive into your brand to understand its ins and outs, challenges, and objectives. We do not move forward until we have a holistic view of the issue at hand and a deep understanding of your organization, as it is integral to determining the budget and creating a strategic framework that stays on track. Through this process, we can seamlessly integrate into your existing teams and truly work as an extension of your business.

Producing Results

Once we have developed a strategy unique to your business and its goals, we will provide you with an action plan based on the services you require — such as a site map or marketing plan — followed by a proposal. The proposal, your budget, and scope of work will dictate the size and type of creative team comprised of award-winning industry professionals that we bring together. The Collective will lead and manage your new, custom-built team and oversee the execution of your deliverables to ensure your projects are always delivered on time and on strategy.

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